December 2012

CEB s.r.l. Specialized in hardware design and industrial software founded in 1986, produces the first INNATA City eBike prototype, equipped whith SUNSTAR engine.

Satisfied by test, in order to broaden its production, CRB s.r.l. Decides to join the pedal-assisted bike marked with new brand INNATA.


The eBike on road “ City” and “Folding”, equipped with SUNSTAR engine.


The first off road “MTB” and “TRACK”, equipped with SUNSTAR engine.


The powerfull BROSE engine is introduced on MTBs and the firs “ FAT” with SUNSTAR engine are produced. INNATA bengins to join contest.


BROSE engine becomes the main engine on MTB and FAT models.


CEB s.r.l. Joins enduro races, with iNNATA “CHAMOIS” entirely designedand produced in Italy and proposed to the public as a personally tailored eBike, partecipating to the homologated FIRC eenduro championship .

According to our vision,the race environment, is ideal to test our technical solution in order to guarantee the best quality products.

Our mindset is characterised by expert technical assistance and full availability. The INNATA team believes that cycling is a healthy prhilosophy for a sustainable mobility, sport practice and tourism….. and it’s even using our pedelec!

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