Bicycle is a vehicle that requires al least physical effort, before using it, it is advisable to have a check-up from your own trusted doctor.

The helmet is not mandatory but before using your legs You use ypur head.

Put the helmet!

The bicycle in order to circulate in accordance with the road code must be equipped with:

  1.  two-axle breaking system;

  2.  red reflector and red back light;

  3.  white ore yellow front light;

  4. audible bell from at least 30m.

The lights must always be lit on when it’s dark and in case of poor visibilty.
On extra-urban routes it is mandatity to wear catarifier vests or suspenders.
Travel always in the trafic’s direction, in Europe is the right side on the roadway.
When avalaible, always use the bycicle lanes riding in the indicate direction.
In the absence of bycicle lines travelling to the nearest edge of the roadway, even on a road free from vehicles.
Avoid sidewalks or preferential lanes.
In the city center, ride preferably in single line, or 2 side by side as much.
On extra-urban journey always travel in single line, in a presence of a child, this can travel an adult’s right side.

  •  Avoid zigzag paths and sudden deviations.

  •  Advise with the arm exposure the direction You want to take while making sure that vehicles are not coming.

  •  Be careful about sigpostng.

  •  Observe the trafic lights and directions of the police officer.

  • Beware of rights of way.

It is forbidden to pull, being pulled or lead animals on a leash.
Any carried parcel should not protrude more than 50 cm and in any case for wight or shape hinder the use of the bicycle.
Cyclists must always have free use of hands and arms and hold the handlebars with at least one hand.
A child up to 8 years is allowed provided the drivers is aged and the childs is insured with appropiate approved equipment.
Observe fastening and wight information given by the child seat’s manufacturer.
On pedestrian crossings it is mandatiry to take the bicycle by hand.
Be careful about crossing rail lines.
It is forbidden to use headphones, as while driving a car.

Before using any bicycle, make sure that:

  1.  the braking system is perfectly functional;

  2.  tires are in good condition;

  3.  tires are swollen;

  4. lights are properly installed and working.

Always use common sense, never reach the limit of the mechanical performance of the vehicle and your physical ones,
bicycle is a ecological, silent and unmanageable transport system,
have fun and a good Journey!